Building your case.

A strong why is the foundation of your CPXM strategy and ensures a win-win for all parties

Measurable benefits for life science industry

​Every business case is unique and needs to be tailored for each organization.

​Improved customer and patient experience has a direct bottom line impact and results in tangible business benefits that are re-used to enhance patient lives. Customers and patients actively compare, select, promote or decline products and services based on convenience, quality and easiness of the interactions. They welcome new technologies to create improved experiences on top of clinical outcome and safety. Empowered patients enjoy better healthcare, satisfied customers result in more recurring business and lower costs. Examples include: easier access, better services, less readmissions, higher adherence, improved patient recruitment, faster time to market, increased population health. Providing good patient and customer experiences is simply the right thing to do. You do not want to stay behind.


Generics and off-patents products

When clinical outcomes and safety are no longer the differentiating factors, patient and customer experiences become major competitive elements.

Expectations beyond clinical

Patients and customers expect support beyond clinical results along the entire treatment - from diagnosis to follow up. Expectations on convenience increase.

Higher satisfaction

To generate higher satisfaction levels and to ensure customer loyalty, the industry must match services that are now common in digitalised industries.

Engagement is the norm

Engagements, interactions and collaborations are the new norm to develop products and services. Using this feedback leads to better products, services and faster patient recruitment.

Your Patient First mission

Translating your generic Patient First mandate into actions with tangible results, is expected from authentic leadership and strongly motivates and encourages employee experiences.

Pressure from competition

The entire industry is investing in CX and PX. New capabilities to improve experiences are endless. If you have not started, you can not stay behind. 

A transformation has started.


Maturing RWD-RWE framework

New frameworks are created for evaluating the potential use of real-world evidence in support to approval of new indications. FDA has accepted RWE to support approvals in the setting of oncology and rare diseases.

New Patient Experience Data

Definitions and regulations on the content and use of patient experience data are under development by several governments. Healthcare financing is impacted by patient experience results: the industry will soon have to follow. 

Evolving PREMs

The importance of patient experience data in product approvals is already standard. Patient Reported Experience Measures are on the rise. More companies are embedding experience management in quality systems.


Efficiency of interactions

In our global world it is now much more efficient to enable consistent end-to-end interactions with customers thanks to a significant number of new tools that are available for use.

Digital transformations

A digital transformation of your supply chain without understanding the customer and patient point of view has little value. Strong CX and PX integration is a must to succeed.

The world of AI

AI is booming. Patient and customer data are one of the most critical data elements that will be used to leverage AI opportunities. CX and PX are your means to capture the data.

​From improved relations and stronger brands to more recurring business and lower costs