Making your team successful.

A tailored approach based on your needs and current CPXM maturity level

Outlining the most effective path forward

The right CPXM strategy needs to be implemented effectively and operated efficiently.


"Defining the right CPXM strategy"


"Implementing CPXM right"


"Running CPXM efficiently"

Investments in CPXM are only sustainable if there is a clear benefit for all stakeholders. A strong strategy includes a well-defined roadmap outlining your priorities for the next 5 years. These priorities must be driven by a win-win framework. Your initiatives need to have a positive outcome for patients, and also for customers, employees, healthcare specialists, and the organization. Ensure to define the right strategy.

Without a strong win-win for all stakeholders, PX-CX investments will simply not survive in the long run. Our CPXM framework ensures to obtain a balanced portfolio of projects. Changes will be applied to your products, services and also the way in which you operate.

Understanding your business and focus before we meet together

Mission, values and branding

We first seek to understand your company, mission and values. What is your role in the life science ecosystem? Mission, vision and values must be aligned with your CPXM vision, and be reflected in actions to your patients and customers. This will drive priorities, focus, responses. We need to make sure the experiences you are creating are aligned.

Therapeutic areas

Establishing relationships when developing and assessing new products might be adapted per therapeutic area. Different areas, and franchises, have different participants with different needs. The success of research, clinical studies, product launches, global approaches, depend on your target therapeutic areas. Your approach will be product specific.

Market regulations

Regulations for life science actors must be reflected in CPXM activities. From basic marketing regulations to detailed product and therapeutic regulations, they depend on customer and patient segments and processes. Different global and local regulations might call for different solutions ensuring compliance. Critical to understand what we need to comply with.

Business state and maturity

Every company has a different level of business maturity. CPXM needs to be adopted in line with the company's growth path. When you are in start-up or development, requirements are different compared to large manufacturers. When the nature of your customers starts to change depending on your business maturity, your CPXM strategy should evolve as well.

Assessing your current CPXM state as starting point to collaborate


Who are your key customers? What are the specific patient profiles? 

Which are leading and growing segments? CPXM considers end-to-end stakeholders such as medical practitioners, advisory boards, advocacy groups, clinical trail investigators, hospital leads, physicians, nurses, payers. Getting the right segments and adopting your strategy to them, is the basis of customer and patient centricity.


Each development state has different patient and customer journeys. Examples of touchpoints that depend on the state of your products: advisory boards, patient recruitment, technology transfer facilitation, supply chain efficiency, commercial relationship building. Capturing patient perspectives in a clinical trial is different from using approved products. Understand what expectations they have now.


There is a wide scale of leading digital solutions that target specific needs; the more focused for specific cases, the higher the benefits of using the technology. In terms of new innovations, the spectrum of options is growing on a daily basis. Technologies are to be integrated with different data sets along the ecosystem. Where do you stand today and which areas of business represent the challenges.

CPXM adoption

Within companies, the levels of adoption are widely different between markets, entities, divisions and franchises. Your CPXM strategy and approach should take into account the current levels of CPXM maturity and adoption. How well are the organizational culture and your people aligned? We help you to assess so we ensure the value of our engagement is in line with the current adoption level. 

We make it real.


Setting up for success in the right direction

Developing a deep conviction across the organisation to serve the true needs of your customers and patients; becoming more customer and patient-centric requires an in-depth well planned strategic roadmap.


What is your CPXM strategy today? Where do you stand? Have you prioritize your most important journey challenges per customer and patient segment? ​Have you aligned all leaders on the CPXM metrics? Are your brand, company, innovation and CPXM strategy, all well aligned? What is your roadmap to success?


Which technologies to implement, and which vendors are leading? Have you implemented the right processes and procedures to streamline and optimise your CPXM efforts at global level? ​What are the industry best practices to leverage from? Are you using the available latest technologies across all new domains? Did you integrate all systems or do you have silo’s of data? ​Given your current status, where do you start on improving customer experiences?


We offer 12 strategic services that are set up in line with our approach. Tailored for your specific brands, therapeutic area, development phase, market and boundaries of the business.​

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Delivering upon the promises to your customers

Executing upon your strategy and getting it done right. Improvement projects are to be delivered. Ideation and design thinking are important steps, but turning designs around via full implementations does require an intensive focus and discipline from start to finish. We help you in turning your strategy and vision into something real.

Have you completed the right VoCs and VoPs? Are journey maps for each of your personas fully proof? Is the organisation aligned? Are your customers' moments of truth taking into account the latest technology innovations? Are you succeeding in patient engagements? Do patients recognize the value? Are the right budgets and teams available to deliver on time? Have you implemented the right processes and procedures to streamline and optimise your new CPXM efforts at global level? After all, your patients and customers, no matter where they are, will feel how real your project execution is.

We offer 12 services to bring you exactly where you need to be for each of your improvement program. ​​Set up a meeting to drill down in the details of our services.

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Enabling your ongoing CPXM business

A never ending relationship across all your channels requires efforts and nurturing. Customer listening does not stop after successful implementation, it just starts. Research, data analysis, feedback, KPI metrics follow up - they all require a lot of your resources. And these efforts are really beyond the frontline and current customer services. And critical to success.

Have you decided what processes to outsource versus keeping in-house? Are your team members all fully trained? Do you have the right metrics in place? Are you acting promptly upon your NPS and CES metrics? Are you using the latest technologies for CPXM data analysis? In line with all regulations on patient data? Linked to RWD and RWE?

How are you closing out on the new customer feedback loops? Is your recovery process under control or still unstable? Where are you compared to your competitors? No CPXM without governance.

We offer 12 services to keep your efforts reasonable. Closing the loop back to your management and your CPXM strategy.​
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We take the load off your shoulders

No matter where you are today, we help you through the process from defining your CPXM strategy to ensuring full adoption across the organisation. We make sure you achieve the objectives of every single CPXM initiative. Over and over again. We get it done, successfully.

To make it easier for you, we are happy to guide through the process of identifying what you need. The descriptions on this page are a first introduction for you. A snapshot to get you started, to initiate the reflection process. Based on who you are, your specific needs, the best possible approach and service is jointly discussed and selected. 

You decide if we meet and talk.