Life science spans an extremely broad ecosystem with many stakeholders and business types. Examples of stakeholders include researchers, medical practitioners, clinical trial partners, distributors, and of course, your patients. Business types refer to all partners that ultimately contribute to excellent patient care: hospitals, pharmacies, logistics, parallel importers, contractors, distributors, affiliates. This for an extreme broad scope of areas, products and services such as biotech, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dentals, cell therapies, and many more. A complex landscape with many actors leading to one primary customer: the patient. This is the world in which we are active, the world in which we contribute.


At 4XSCIENCE, our mission is to help life science actors with identifying, creating and implementing improved customer experiences. Better customer experience management (CXM) accelerates product development, lowers costs, increases revenues and results in improved healthcare for all of us. As a result of innovation and digitalisation, the opportunities to improve CX have increased significantly. We advice clients with leveraging technology, processes, people and data.

Our vision is to become a leading CX contributor to a world in which patients and healthcare providers both enjoy their full potential in a mutual win-win relationship. We contribute to this vision in a no-nonsense way. We tell our clients how the situation is, what needs to be done, and help them to ensure objectives are achieved within scope, time and budget. Delivering to the best of your organisation by taking a joint responsibility in each of our agreements. Authentic leadership driven by results and passion. 


4XSCIENCE's focus is exclusively on CXM for life sciences.

This is not something we just happen to do on top of our work if we have some time available. This is our full time focus. We combine exceptional academic and professional records with strong industry networks. Tailored approaches, services and expertise delivered to you and your partners. 


The world still has a long way to go to improve customer experience in life sciences: to make patients happy, every little effort counts.

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Whatever people claim to be good at, their academic records are your first check point

"A strong foundation, for strong advice"

CCXP Excellence

As a Certified Customer Experience Practitioner (CCXP) and active member of the CXPA organisation, we are actively engaged in CX. This ensures the highest standards for your CX engagements. Within my team, all project leaders which we drawn upon from the CXPA network, have the same accreditation. Simple and clear. This is your minimum starting point: if your are serious about implementing CX in your organisation, work with people that master the content.

Master of Science

Our primary background is in information technology and business economics. As CEO, I have obtained two masters of science, one as a commercial engineer, complemented with a specialisation on Information Technology. As technology is the core foundation of my education, we ensure to stay updated on the most recent applications and technologies. Examples of some obtained technology certificates include: Google Analytics, Google Fundamentals, Google Ads, and others.

MBA marketing & innovation

Having obtained an MBA in strategy, innovation and marketing, means being up to date in all key areas that are critical for this business. Examples include customer experience management, consumer psychology, digital marketing transformation, brand management, strategic innovation management, marketing research, international business strategy, and leadership skills. The combination of marketing, innovation and strategy is what is needed to be successful in this area. Your second point after CCXP.

GxP industry regulations

All of our consultants are being trained in all the necessary GxP and healthcare regulations. Not only in regulations for EMEA or US, but also for many Asian countries, and across multiple sectors. Regulations are not only different in the multiple phases of your business, they also differ per functional area and customer market. In addition, many PM methodologies such as PRINCE2, Agile, PMBok, and CSV standards are applicable in the industry. These are the minimum basics we master.


A proven track record of 25+ years of experience and successful delivery in the industry

"Results, results and results. That is what counts in getting things done."

Complex global projects

Over a period of 25+ years, we have been managing and delivering global projects. Complex projects that include over 60+ resources from all over the world. Projects that are just complex by nature and require perseverance from all team members. Some examples of our project experiences include: defining end-to-end strategies and roadmaps, getting business cases approved, revised product packaging and artworks, improved employee experiences, portfolio management, quality dashboards, cross functional planning, culture change management, dashboard metrics, supply chain systems, product launches. We gladly share our detailed expertise with you.

Measurable benefits

At 4XSCIENCE, we can proudly refer to the many improvements and benefits we have generated. From ensuring budgets are approved to get started, to ensuring products are packed to get to the market on time. Lean, ToC, Agile, Design Thinking, Prototyping. Convincing your management on the "why" and continuously taken up the commitment to deliver, is what clients have appreciated from us. Sometimes difficulties are though to overcome, but with clear end goals in minds, our joint teams succeed. For every single project, we define clearly measurable benefits and follow up on them before we close. We have delivered upon KPIs in the areas of quality, time to market, cost reduction and revenue enhancement. The only way to succeed.

Leadership across cultures

As founder and CEO, I have worked across the globe from San Francisco in the West to Japan in the East. I have been expat in US for 3 years, worked in almost all EU countries, have set up businesses in India, and delivered projects in China, South-Korea and Japan. This experience has given me some unique insights in international cultures. I had to learn the goods and bads of cultures. I have inspired and motivated many individuals. As leadership never stops, I continue to grow on a daily basis, like all other leaders. Let's leverage from this together to the benefit of your projects.

Technology: strategy to floor

From strategy to final adoption, we have implemented all sorts of end-to-end solutions ranging from enterprise planning solutions, customer relationship management, big data solutions, marketing solutions, content management, packaging solutions, product registration and submission, clinical solutions. On premises or cloud, with multiple vendors, across multiple locations. Not just the theory or strategy, but helping our clients end to end till the objectives are reached on time.

Since our inception, we have worked with many clients.